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Welcome to elis (Early Learning Integrated Services)





elis was designed for parents and caregivers to access information that they are

seeking in a simplified way. We know how difficult, and at times frustrating, it can

be to find the service or program that best suits your needs . You may not know

where to begin looking for services for your children, or yourself, or what the range

of options there might be for you regarding a specific situation. elis can provide you 

with one on one time, with a real person, to find you the information you are  looking

for either through video chat or messaging using Skype. 




Terms of Confidentiality

  • Your calls to elis will be confidential.

  • The only information that is passed along to a service provider is what you authorize us to share, such as,your name,

       your child’s age,your phone number and/or email address,and a brief summary of your issue.

  • We will delete you as a contact on Skype and remove all your personal contact information from our records after the

      agency or service we have referred to you has made initial contact.  

  • Exception:  If you share information that leads us to believe that a child is at risk of, or has been abused or neglected, 

       we are mandated by law to report this information to the Ministry for Children and Family Development and/or the RCMP.










Available Tuesday 7 - 8:30pm & Saturday 10 - 11:30am

or email: with your enquiry

 If you agree to these terms please click the button below to launch Skype.

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